Ep8-Networks-The Education Entrepreneurship Incubator

June 2, 2020

The episode features the homegrown work of the co-hosts: The Education Entrepreneurship Incubator (EEI). EEI was facilitated by Mike, Matt, Julie, and Jeannine if the fall of 2019 as a way to bring educators together who were struggling to bring their idea, project, or plan to reality. We spent the day with a cohort of ambitious people who incubated their ideas, developed action plans, and took the next step to making a difference in their classrooms and lives. We catch up with these folks in this episode, featuring Beth Santangelo, Brandon Reichart, Devon Lavery, Laura Ward, Ryan Ward, and Trina Kraus. This episode's plugs: Cutting Edge Decks, Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, Explosions of Joy by Trina Kraus and Paul Yin, EY's Ripples Program, Killer Snails, Nothing But PurposeTinkergarten, World Bicycle Relief, and World of Work. Music by Ketsa.

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